Thursday, December 3, 2009

Spreading a Little Christmas Cheer

It is December and Christmas will be here before we know it!!! My girls are pretty excited, of course I am too. :)

Lillie has spent the past several days making presents for everyone and anyone! They usually consist of paper, string, stickers, markers, and glue. It is pretty thoughtful though because she has one for each member of our family (and some have two). She closes her door with her craft supplies, wrapping paper and works away only stopping to ask me to write down names on a sheet of paper that she can copy from. I was pretty impressed when I found a present she had wrapped for me. She had figured out how to spell mommy by sounding it out and wrote it with no help. Because she has been so sweet and thoughtful and since everyone but her has a present beneath the tree, I surprised her by wrapping a present for her. Just to see her eyes was priceless.

What makes the above so much better is that she knows Christmas isn't about presents or Santa which are nice, but about the birth of Jesus. When commercials advertise and say it is all about the _______, Lillie jumps right in and corrects them!

Well, she is pacing right know with a stack of paper robots she made and wants to wrap. When I asked her who they were for, she replied - I don't know yet, but they will be for someone. :)

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  1. That's so cute! Her and Aidan would get along well! I read him a story about Curious George and how he helps at a children's hospital and Aidan decided to make cards, box them up, and insisted I send them :) He is also insistent that Christmas is Jesus's birthday and we should remember that!