Monday, December 7, 2009

Funny Things

These are just a few things that I have found funny about my kids the past few days.

:o) Yesterday I had to intervene when my girls were fighting over who was bigger: Jesus or Gracie. Of course Gracie was telling Lillie she was bigger and Lillie informed her that no one is bigger than Jesus. This went on for several minutes, as I chuckled in the other room, until both girls came to me to ask who I thought was bigger.

:o) When we got home from the store today, Lillie comes from running over as I am putting groceries away. She excitedly says, "look what they gave us, a free bag." She was holding an unused plastic bag that had been stuck on a used bag. You would of thought she found a new toy.

:o) As looking for pictures, Gracie gets mad because Lillie is wearing one of her shirts in the picture. Of course it was Lillie's shirt before Gracie's.

:o) I asked Lillie to pick up her doll toys that she had been playing with. Later I saw where there was still stuffed animals and toys out, when I asked why she didn't pick up her toys, she replied, "I did, you just said to pick up the doll toys. I did that."

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