Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas update

Alex and I went Christmas shopping on Tuesday and I believe that we are pretty much finished with the little ones. The only things left to get are the stocking stuffers. That is a pretty good feeling. Now I have to get Alex something and Lillie has already asked him and has his list memorized. :o) It was so much fun shopping together this year. The past couple of years it seems like we have to go shopping alone and then we end up spending more than planned by trying to guess/remember what the other had picked up.

We also were able to order a couple of Christmas presents for free!! I ordered a princess popup tent and tunnel and a Disney princess book from The total of this to me was around $10 (shipping and tax). I paid the rest of it with gift cards I earned using swagbucks!!! I have only been signed up for about 7 months and hoping that by next year I can pay most of my Christmas using swagbucks. It is very easy and even better - free to sign up for and use. Just simply search the web using their search engine (powered by google), earn points, and redeem for cool prizes - such as gift cards. I think that the best deal is the five dollar amazon gift cards for 45 points. Click on the links above to start earning points!

The girls are very excited about the snow. I let them go out on Monday for a few minutes and play. It wasn't very much, but enough for them to enjoy. They also loved watching the snow Wednesday. Lillie wished that it would not stop snowing until there was enough to build a snow man. Honestly, I wouldn't mind a bunch of snow, but after this weekend. I love snow now that I don't have to get out and drive in it. :)

I hope you are having a great Christmas thus far.


  1. For the past few years we've been earning dollars on and have used some of that to get free gifts for the kids. It definitely helps out on the wallet :) I'm glad you guys got some snow! I remember last year how everyone kept waiting and waiting for it!

  2. I never knew you could get points from Of course, now I am pretty much out of the diaper phase! :)