Friday, December 4, 2009

Hammer Time

I have started working out this week. My church has a gym set up in it and I have gone three days this week with my friend Amber. I have tried the working out at home, but with two little ones it is pretty hard to get too much done. I am usually too tired after they are in bed and really who wants to get all sweaty and then have to shower again before bed? I have tried getting up in the morning, but they seem to sense that I am going to get up and rise before I have a chance.

So, it is to the gym and honestly it feels pretty good. I am also more likely to go because someone is waiting for me. There is also a little bit of a competitive spirit that rises up in me and pushes me a little harder when I am working out with another person. I have already noticed an increase of energy when I get home from working out. I have been running, biking and using the elliptical demon... I mean machine. :) Since I can only work out when Alex is off, I am trying to do more stuff at home. Yesterday I did a bunch of sit-ups and push-ups and today I am going to try to run too.

I am also watching what I eat as well. I am not a dieter, so instead I am just eating smaller portions and trying to cut back my snacking. I am hoping that all this will produce some outcome in the next couple of weeks, even if small.

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  1. That's great, Sarah! How wonderful that your church has a gym set up to work out in! Keep up the great work...I miss working out. That mini injured my hip and I haven't been back at it yet. Maybe this spring. Meanwhile Paul and I are on weight watchers. I love it because like you I don't like dieting, but it forces me to eat smaller portions and I can eat whatever I want..just less of it.