Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day

We were so blessed Christmas Day. I absolutely loved every minute of the day. The girls got up around 7:30. Lillie informed me that she looked at the tree and that Santa didn't come because things didn't look any different. So we went in to check it out and she realized that because the lights were off (and it was dark outside) that she just didn't notice that Santa had come. The girls broke into the stockings lightening fast. Probably the funniest thing that happened was when Gracie opened her last present. (Lillie had just opened a camera) She saw it was a Cinderella doll, threw it down, kicked it, and then cried. After convincing her that Santa said she had to wait until she was older like Lillie to get a camera, she was okay and has been sleeping with her new doll everynight since.
One of Gracie's favorite things (and the only thing that she actually asked for) was the pink suckers she found.

One of Lillie's biggest reactions came when she opened a pair of pajama's with feet in them. She also got a camera, which had over a hundred pictures by the end of the day. :o)

Both girls received a ton of things from Grandparents, Great-Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles. Something that my parents did each year was take a picture of us with our gifts and it is kind of neat looking back and remembering what we got, so I have been doing the same for my girls.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!


  1. So sweet! I love it. I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas. I think each year so far has been a bit more fun. This year was twice as much fun as ever since Anna could really get into counting down and guessing what she would get. Maybe it was that way with Gracie too? I always love reading your posts. I hope you enjoy this new year's weekend as well!

  2. Yes, this year was more fun too. Both the girls are at ages where they really get into Christmas. We would do a countdown every day of December up until Christmas, it was cute watching their excitement grow each day. Have a great new year's!

  3. Oh WOW! I love that idea of the picture with their gifts!! I can't believe I hadn't thought of that yet. :) I was trying to write everything down each year and you can imagine how long that lasted. I am definitely going to do this. Thanks!

    Looks like a fun day.