Wednesday, January 28, 2009



I have been wishing and wishing for snow and wishes do come true! I absolutely love the fluffy white covering of my yard. We got a chance to go out and play yesterday afternoon and the girls had a blast, especially since Dad was off and he could play to. Lillie wants to go out again today, but I think that the snow would engulf Gracie!

Lillie had her first dentist appointment Monday and she did great - no cavities! She was so nervous about it though. In the waiting room every once in a while she would go - Mom, I''m scared, but once we got back there she laughed and smiled with the hygienist. She got a purple toothbrush with Belle on it (her favorite color and she loves princesses). Later that night we went to toys-r-us. The girls had a gift card from their Aunt Angie and were very excited about spending it. Lillie picked a doll that she had been wanting for long time and a pound puppy. She drove me crazy, but in a cute way. She carried around the doll and then she carefully examine something else before say no, she wanted to something else. Gracie got a doll, blocks and a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toy. Gracie is definitely easier because we would could hand her a box and rocks and ask if she wanted it and she would grab it, hug it and say she wanted it.

On a side note, I saw on a morning show yesterday that there is bug called AD-36. We need to be careful because this is a fat bug. Yes, you read correctly there is supposedly a bug out there that is spread just like the common cold that causes you to gain weight. I thought all this time that I just hadn't lost all the weight from being pregnant with Gracie, in reality I may just have a bug! Unfortunately there is not cure yet, but when an antibiotic is available I may just be able to shed off the remaining weight! Don't you just love science!

Have a great day!


  1. Wow! is that all that's wrong with me? I have a bug?? LOL!!! Glad Lillie did ok at the dentist!

  2. I'm so glad you finally got snow! You'll have to post some pictures!