Saturday, January 10, 2009

Prayer Request

I just want to ask for prayer for a family at my church. Erin has been in and out of the hospital for quite some time with pancreas problems and is not getting better. Alex delivered meal last night to the family and Carlos told him that they were going to transfer her to Methodist. Please pray for healing and strength for the family as Carlos is trying to work and care for their 3 children all while worrying about his wife. If you are from my church I want to challenge you to contact Cross T and ask about fixing them at least one meal for the month of January. There are quite a few days left to pick from and this allows one less worry for the family. Thanks.


  1. yeah we have done several meals for them and i know it's a relief for them not to have to wory about that and pray for the kids because it has been hard for them not having their mom around like they are use to

  2. Hey! We took your challenge and Crystal and I are both doing dinners in the next couple of weeks! Sounds like the month is filling up though. : ) Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Wow. I can't believe I didn't relize she was sick. Anyway I am going to take up the challenge and make them a meal.