Sunday, January 4, 2009

Is that God I feel?

Last night as I was fixing dinner I heard Lillie ask "Is that God I feel?" I took a peek into the living room to see what she was doing to have such a profound question and she was feeling her chest. When she saw me she asked me the question again along with it she asked "Have you ever felt God?" I thought for a minute and told her that since I have Jesus living in my heart, I can feel God, but it is not the same as feeling something with your hands. She seemed okay with that answer, so I went back to fixing dinner. As I was leaving she asked again and this time said no, that is just something breakable on my body.

I know that I could of said when you feel the sun on your face, when you feel the rainon your skin, or the snow, that you are feeling God, but I don't believe she would have been able to completely comprehend that concept. I know that when I hold my girls I am feeling God. He is all around us in more ways than we could understand or even comprehend ourselves. That childlike curiousity that we all need when it comes to our relationship with God is what I witnessed last night, another way I can see God when it comes to my life. I pray that I will have plenty of more questions like this so I can share my love for Christ with my children.


  1. How neat! Its amazing to me how many times a day kids can remind you of God's presence. Too bad we aren't all as in tune as they are!

  2. Sarah, that was such a sweet post! I found your blog through Amber's. I hope you don't mind. I have one too but I will have to invite you to it be email if you want.