Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Crazy Days

Gracie was driving me bananas yesterday. Climbing all over everything, dragging every toy that she could reach out, and knocking all the books off of two shelves. I got very little done. Not only was she driving me nuts, Lillie was getting a little annoyed. She made the comments several times that we picked a bad one at the hospital and could we take her back and get another one. I, of course, told her that Gracie was not bad, just a little more wound up and we would not exchange her. I am hopeful that today will be better.

Both my girls are excited, we get to bring home their friend Josiah from preschool. Lillie and Josiah have that love-hate relationship. One day they are best friends and the next they want nothing to do with each other. Although when we have watched him, they are usually as cute as ever. Well, I need to do some much needed straightening up and I don't have much time left in the Barney video that I reluctantly put in for Gracie.


  1. Wow! our posts are almost identical!!! Yesterday must have been the day! I think Ellie's missing Daddy after him being home so much over the holidays. She has been so crabby and into everything! Of course, I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world...but I could use a break!!! : ) Hope today is better! Have fun with Josiah!

  2. Isn't it amazing how much energy they have? There are many days that Aidan drives me bonkers.....especially these long winter days that keep us stuck inside. Most of the time he's just trying to help me...a little too much! I try to remind myself that each day is a blessing and that I'll miss it someday....Have you heard the Trace Adkins song "You're Gonna Miss This"? That sums it up for me! Hope you have fun with your play-date!

  3. Ok it must have been in the air because yesturday was crazy at my house. I like to think that I usually am preety patient wtih them but that was just not the case. I'm glad to see it wasn't just at my house. Now hopefully today and the next few days will be a better day at all of our houses.

  4. I hope today was a better day for you! Today turned out to be our crazy day this week. Every time I'd turn around, Anna would be hurling toys down the stairs or standing on the arm of the couch. And each time the baby would fall asleep, both of the older two would starting chasing each other around and yelling. At least it seemed that way to me! I hope the rest of your week brings more peace!