Thursday, January 8, 2009

Snow Days

Lillie and I have been wishing for a lot of snow, but so far we haven’t gotten too much. It’s funny how when I had to drive to work I didn’t want snow, but now that I am a stay at home momma, I can’t wait for a bunch of snow. However, with the very light dusting we had Wednesday morning, I did let the girls come outside with me to get the mail. It was really cute. They were trying to throw snow at each other and Lillie wanted to try to make a snow angel. We received a lot of smiles from the neighbors. Although we didn’t have much snow, the girls had fun and I love hearing them laugh. I just wish I had grabbed the camera before we went out.

Our play date on Tuesday went really well. The kids got along perfectly. I love watching Lillie being a hostess. She always has a list of what she wants to do with her friends and if she can’t finish the list, she makes sure to ask if they can come back.

Today was much calmer. I think that we all were just getting a little stir crazy being home and so today we made a big trip to Big Lots and the Family Dollar. I know that these aren't necessarily the most exciting places, but they are the cheapest. If you have kids you realize that when you go someplace they are going to ask for something. I, of course, am a big softie and fold, but I do try to keep it under a couple of dollars. Today the big find was a purple tinsel Christmas tree. Lillie has been asking for a four foot one from Walmart since the middle of November, but who really wants a purple tree? I paid $1.50 for an eighteen inch tree. Gracie had to have one too. She picked a silver one and both trees are in their rooms. I am not sure how long they will want them up, but what's wrong with a little Christmas Spirit year round. I will be sure to post pictures soon. : )

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