Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Slip-N-Slide Fun

Alex picked up a slip-n-slide Monday and the girls could hardly wait to get it out. Since we didn't get it early enough on Monday, I told the girls we could take it out on Tuesday. Although it was not quite as warm as I would have liked it, we went out and played in the water. Here are several pictures of the fun. Lillie would run half way up and then slide on her knees. She is going to have sore knees after several days of that! Gracie didn't actually slide, but would run and then slip at the end pool. I, too, took the plunge and did it a few times, but won't make you suffer with the video that Alex took of me. :)
Lillie running

Lillie sliding

Gracie running

Gracie slipping
Both the girls playing
Gracie ended her fun, with a nice present! :) She was telling me she just had gas, which is what she says when she wants to play and not get changed.
Gracie wearing the zebra binoculars that Gma made at VBS. She insists on wearing them upside down.
Lillie wearing the elephant binoculars she made at VBS.

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