Saturday, June 27, 2009

Joy of the Lord is my strength

Today was a joy walk at our church. We have gone in the past, but the girls were too little to do more than ride and watch. This time Lillie got out of the wagon and helped pass out a few bottles. Gracie of course couldn't be out done, so she too helped pass out a few. It was a fun morning, with the highlight being of a woman literally acting as if I was a vampire! After we told her where we were from and invited her to our camp meeting services Gracie held out a bottle of Joy soap, she dropped her rake leaned back and gave me the cross saying very sternly, No. We graciously said God bless you and went on our way. It is kind of funny thinking that we were trying to pass out Joy soap (Joy of the Lord) and she acted like we were passing out poison.

I heard Lillie passing out pretend bottles of Joy to Gracie in the living room when we got home. It was really cute!

Lillie had a blast at Grandma's VBS this year. She made several crafts and learned about prayer. She already asked when the next VBS is. We also had Lillie's friend Jaelyn over on Thursday. Both the girls seemed to have a lot of fun. It was nice to have another girl over. The first 45 minutes they were all over the place. After getting settled in we played in the water sprinkler (I do plan on getting a bigger sprinkler :) and more water toys) and then on to the indoor toys. I was glad to go inside, because of the heat. Unfortunately we have little shade around our house to help keep us cool. Lillie really wants to invite several girls over for a game night, since the mommas have been having a game night for the past several months. Maybe I will get up the nerve one day : ) !

Gracie and I visited my Granny Beard Thursday while Lillie was at VBS. Gracie was not real thrilled at first about leaving Lillie, because she also thought she was big enough to stay. After we got milkshakes and fries she was good. Gracie enjoyed looking at all the pictures of family at my Granny's house. Once when she knocked a couple over, she jumped back and crossed her arms behind her back like nothing happened. We had to laugh.

Alex is off for the next few days and the girls have been looking forward to spending time with him. They miss him like crazy while he is working.

The girls and I may go to the zoo this week with my parents, brothers and maybe my sister and her boys. Otherwise I plan on staying cool (not hard for me though) inside.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Sounds like a fun and busy week! I'd forgotten all about the Joy Walk...glad you had fun!