Thursday, June 4, 2009

night number 2

I thought I would let you know that last night was not much easier on Gracie or me. Actually when we got home from church last night (which was past bedtime) and did our bedtime routine quickly, she got a death grip on me and cried, "Hold me, Mommy, hold me." This of course made it hard to lay her down, but I did only to come back ten minutes later to a stinky room and a full diaper. She is always full of surprises! : ) After she was changed and back to bed, it was just a matter of minutes and she was out. I know that as with Lillie, all will come together, but those nights listening to her cry for me is not very easy.

We went shoe shopping for Lillie. It was not what I would consisder a fun trip! She wanted purple, sparkly, light up, Princess Aurora shoes. There was no moving her decision. I did find a pink sparkly princess slip on shoes. She liked those until she saw a gaudy pink glittery pair. Thank goodness those were not in her size! We did end up with the pair I picked out, but she was not happy. Gracie also got a pair of the same, B1G1 half off!

Have a good day!


  1. Love BOGO, especially with two kids! I know it's hard with the bedtime thing. Last year we moved Aidan to a toddler bed so that we could have the crib for Isaac and Aidan did NOT want to cooperate! We just had to keep putting him back to bed. The first night it was literally 100 trips....I counted. The next night was less, and the next less, and so on. It was so hard, but he finally understood he had to stay in bed and go to sleep. Now the boys share a room and I lay down with him until he's almost asleep...I'm afraid if I don't he'll wake Isaac. I hope the bedtime thing gets better!

  2. I hope the sleeping continues to get better. I do not envy your shoe shopping experience. I think it's tons of fun now to shop for Anna, but even at two she's starting to have strong (glittery, flashy, the louder the better) taste in things. She's still little enough that I can easily distract her with a better (to me!) option, but I know the day is coming when it won't be so easy!

  3. Hang in there! We had a rough night last night. Ellie screamed off and on for about twenty minutes...but after we got her up, gave her a drink and read a book, she went right back down without fussing. (Of course it was almost an hour later...but oh well!)