Saturday, June 6, 2009


We had a pretty eventful evening last night. It started out very relaxing and quiet. We played outside after dinner, then went for a bike ride. Lillie is really loving to ride her bike and go on "family bike rides". This really is just Alex with Gracie on his bike, and Lillie riding hers because occasionally Lillie gets stuck and needs a little shove. She also stops if there is a car, which is good, but that may be in the middle of road so I walk with her. We are still working on the safety topics. Anyways, I took Gracie in to get her pajamas on and Alex was going to get Lillie who was pretending to be driving his truck. As I was washing Gracie off, Alex comes in carrying Lillie. She was trying to get away from him by jumping side to side in the truck and she fell out the passenger side door. She was crying, and scrapped up on her knees, hands, chin, and right cheek. Thankfully she was not hurt any worse, but she was pretty shaken by the fall as was Alex. He was upset with himself because he had left the door open, but it was just an accident. She seems fine this morning.

Lillie had went to her friend Josiah's house on Tuesday, and came home with a bee sting on her foot. I hadn't noticed in until a couple of days later when it was swollen and red. We have been watching it since the last time she was stung sent us to the doctor's for antibiotics.

Now on to Gracie! Last night was the worst by far for bedtime. She cried from the time I took her in her room saying, "Rock me, Mommy, don't leave me." I stuck to my plan on singing a couple of minutes, then telling her I had to change to my pj's and then come back. This usually makes her cry for a minute or two, then she will wait until I come back. However last night, she cried the whole time. To make matters worse I looked up something about crying it out and the article said - that it is not a good thing to do. I don't actually let her cry herself to sleep, but I leave for 10 minute increments and then come back to check on her. Anyways she did finally go to sleep.

On a cute note, the night before I had to call my Grandma and when I left Gracie the first time that is what I told her. Yesterday during the day Gracie put her Mickey Mouse down for a nap and she told in, "I back in minute, I call Mamaw Jackson." : )

Have a great weekend.


  1. We had a time with Aidan but our perseverance paid off. Will she let you lay down with her? I do this now for Aidan when he can't get to sleep by himself. I also read to him while he's in bed with the lights dim and often times he just falls asleep while I'm reading. Hope it gets better! Hearing them cry is the hardest part!

  2. I'm sorry that Lillie had a fall. That's the scariest thing ever for a parent, to have something happen to one of your little ones. I hope she is recovering well! I will be praying for bedtime peace for you, however you eventually are able to achieve it. I have always thought that no matter what course we took to get them to sleep, the important thing was for the kids to learn that sleeping is necessary and really a good thing. I hope it gets easier and that there is no one right way to accomplish the job. I do agree though and have read and heard different things about how it's not good to let the kids completely cry themselves to sleep. Sorry so long! Good luck and you will be in my prayers!