Thursday, June 18, 2009

Does God have a swing set?

Lillie has been asking a lot of questions about death and dying here lately. She is completely serious about the questions and there are times when she asked that she looked a little upset. They are cute questions none the less.

*Will we have to go potty in heaven?
*Will we all die together?
*How will be bust people out of our house when we fly with Jesus on a cloud?
*What will happen to our house/toys/movies when we die?
*Will Tallie (her puppy) come with us?
*How will we drink?
*We won't die for a long time, right?
*(insert anyone's name) loves Jesus so they'll die.
*When we get to heaven we'll meet Daddy's mom. She'll get to know us, since she doesn't know us now.
*My personal favorite from a four year old: Does God have a swing set?

I did answer all of them with the best of my ability and she seemed satisfied with my answers. I am not sure quite where this interest of death came from or if it is just with the age.

Please keep Gracie in prayer as she was up most of the night with a fever. Thanks.

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  1. Sarah, it was great seeing you today and meeting your beautiful little girls! We should try to get together more often, especially since we don't live too far apart.

    Gabe asks some of those same questions about dying and Heaven. It is hard to answer some, but I too try my best. Now, he has never asked about God having a swingset though. That one is too cute!