Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It is hot, hot, hot

This Lillie's favorite week of the summer. My parent's church has VBS. Lillie has gone for couple of years and she talks about it year-round. Last night she kept getting up and when I would take her back to bed she would tell me how excited she was that she was going to Bible school the next day. We had VBS at our church last year, but it started at Kindergarten and Lillie has a little while to reach that age.

Gracie is going to sleep better at night. She still cries a few minutes, but bedtime is much smoother. I also believe she is ready for full out potty training. I tried a few months back, but she was not at that point yet. She tells me if she is wet and often will take herself to the potty. I hope to have her using the potty within the next couple of weeks. : ) One of favorite things to do is chase us around singing: Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman, be he alive or be he dead, I'm going to eat him with my bread. Maybe a little morbid, but with the expression on her face and how she deepens her voice makes it cute nonetheless.

The girls and I played in our water sprinkler on Saturday. I put sunscreen on both girls and a little on my arms, but I seemed to have not gotten my shoulders as they are both burnt. Gracie has learned that if she squeezes the hose in half she can stop the water, which she then proceeds to tell Lillie that it is broken. Lillie plays along and while taking a look Gracie will release the hose to soak Lillie. It is really funny.

Yesterday I met a few friends from high school at the park. I had a nice time and regret that it has been so long since we have gotten together. I loved seeing all their children and catching up a little on what is going on in our lives. As moms we tend to put off getting together with friends because we have laundry to do or errands to run, but we need to spend time nurturing our friendships too. I don't want to be busy to be a friend. I hope that we can get together again!

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  1. Your girls are so cute :) I'm glad Gracie is sleeping better for you and getting ready to potty train! That's great! Thanks for meeting me at the park. The kids got along great and it was so nice to see everyone! I hope we can do it again too....just not on such a hot day ;) Maybe this fall! Have a good week!