Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ladies don't work

Last night I had planned on making pork chops on the grill, however I took out chicken legs. You are probably think what kind of goof can mix up chicken legs and pork chops, right? I usually buy a large package and then re-wrap them in smaller portions with a ton of plastic wrap and then a zip-loc bag and afterwards if I don't label them, they can be deceiving. I would have just made the chicken legs, but only had picked a pack with 3 legs, not enough for my family.

So I took the girls into town to pick up dinner while Alex worked on some homework. On the way we drove by several buildings including Alex's work. The girls will ask who works in each building. We drove by where Lillie's friend Holly's dad works. Gracie asked where Holly works and I answered that she was a little girl and little girls don't work. Lillie proceeded to explain to Gracie that even when Holly turns into a lady she won't work because ladies don't work. I had to laugh because I realize that I am a sahm as is most of the moms of Lillie's friends and thus she had concluded that once you become grown up, ladies don't work. If she only realized how much more we work. :)

Lillie has been explaining a lot to Gracie this week. They were watching Finding Nemo and I heard Lillie explaining that Nemo's mom died because a shark ate her and she was digested and that means died. There are many more teachings by Lillie, but I will wait for another time to share.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Hahaha!! OH LORD! That is just pure entertainment! I love it!

  2. aw...that stinks. but is a funny story. LOL what usually do is mark on the outside with a permanent marker what is inside, how much it weighs and the date that i froze. hth