Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big Brother and Big Girl

Yesterday while the girls were playing house, I heard Lillie tell Gracie that "we need a big brother like Jaelyn has" and Gracie answered, "Yep." Then they went on playing. One of my favorite things to do is just listen to my girl's conversations. The things the talk about crack me up especially when Lillie gets in her teacher mode.

Sunday night I realized that we only had a couple of pull-ups and since I really didn't want to run into town until Monday morning, I put Gracie in panties. We have been really working on potty training and she does pretty good most of the time. I explained that big girls wear panties and use the potty. This went fine (I had a timer set) at first and she stayed dry for the first couple of timer beeps, but with about ten minutes left on the third timer she came out of Lillie's room with an aroma that was not too pleasant. :) After she was cleaned-up, I said, big girls don't poopy in their panties, they use the potty. Don't you want to be a big girl? She answered with stern, "Nope." Then went about her business, playing this time.

I love my girls.

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  1. It's so funny the things they say! I love it!