Monday, March 1, 2010

We Shall Overcome

Recently Lillie joined the Salvation Praise and Dance Ministry at our church. She did really well considering it was her first time and most of the other girls have been doing it for several years. :o) I am so proud of her. Alex even took the day off work unexpectedly so he could watch. Lillie was pretty excited that he was coming. Earlier in the week she asked him if he was coming or working and when he said working, she looked so sad.

Here is the first two minutes:

Lillie dancing.

Lillie and the girls in the ministry. Lillie is centered in the front row.

If you want to watch the whole performance, visit and look under the archive services for Feb 28, 2010 am service. She is approximately 30 minutes into service.

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  1. I watched this afternoon! I couldn't see Lillie very well, but I'm sure she did great! (Oh, and just so you know, it was about 55 mins into service!) : )