Saturday, March 13, 2010

BOGO Coupon and Question

Freebie alert for those little girls at your house!! If you have little ones who play My Little Pony, you need to visit and find the coupon link. They have a buy one get one free deal plus lots of other good coupons. At Wal-mart there are two different types of ponies the coupons work with. The ponies are $5 each, with the coupon it would be $2.50 each. A great idea for the Easter baskets!!! My girls used coupons and their chore money to get two each yesterday.


Lillie's well-child checkup is coming up and this is the year of the kindergarten shots. How are you, or did you, handle your child's shots? I am undecided if I should talk about it before hand, or just wait until we get there. I have talked about how shots help people feel better and stay healthy, but have not told her that she is due for some in just a matter of weeks. She is a bit apprehensive about needles, since the stitches last summer. Please, please let me know what you did and what you think is the best way to handle the upcoming visit.


  1. we told michael that he would be getting some shots, so he could go to school. we talked about how he reacted to shots as a baby. he's also seen andy get a number of shots since we always go to the doctor together.
    he didn't handle them very well. both my husband and i had to help hold him down while the nursed gave him the shots in his thighs. he cried, but quickly calmed down after it was over and was joking about it.
    best of luck with lillie.

  2. Aidan got his at his 4 year well child. They talked me into doing it then because they said it would be harder later. I didn't know he was getting shots when we went that day and so it was a surprise to me too. I didn't tell him while we waited and when the nurse came in to give them he was extremely upset. It took me and 2 other nurses to hold him down. Looking back I think I'm glad we didn't know going in because I'm not sure I would have gotten him to the office. A trip for ice cream afterwards and a promise that he probably wouldn't be getting shots again for several years made him feel better. I'm glad it's done and over with.

  3. Thanks for sharing! With three kids in different age groups right now, there were a lot coupons there we could use! :)

  4. Gabe knew he was getting his, and he was not happy about it, but he knew he had to get them to go to big boy school. He did great, and all he talked about was that he wasn't going to need anymore shots until he could drive. Little did he know about the H1N1 in October. Poor guy. He was all upset the whole time, but once he got them, he perked right up. It worked best for him to know. He dwelled on it, but he's a good little guy to explain things to. I think telling them beforehand is good, and then you can set up the bribe for some kind of treat afterwards. It makes kid and mommy feel better. Good luck!