Wednesday, March 24, 2010

35 and Counting

35 Days until we leave for Disney!!!

We are pretty excited as you can imagine. I am pretty much ready for the road trip. I have several travel games - hungry, hungry hippo, connect four, crocodile dentist, and several other craft and activities to help keep the little ones busy. The car trip is sure to be the longest, but hopefully goes smoothly.

The girls have tried on some of their summer clothes and thankfully most still fit. Lillie is pretty much set for the trip, and Gracie just needs a couple more items. Grandma even bought them some new Minnie Mouse pajamas for the trip. Me? I have to make the dreaded swimsuit shopping trip. I have been working out, although not as consistently as needed, enough to make me feel better about the way I look.

I ordered some free maps from Disney for the girls, which they carry around and study daily. They are so excited and have watched the Disney vacation video several times and beg for me to go online so they can look at the park rides.

Other than enjoying the weather and planning for our trip, there is little going on at the Thompson house.

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  1. Yay!!!!! I am so excited for you guys!! 35 days isn't long at all. I know what you mean about swimsuits. I tried on several at Wal-mart and Meijer and finally settled on one I found at Kohls. It's the tankini type and the bottom has a skirt for a little more coverage :) It's funny...I felt great in it a couple of days ago then tried on shorts and tops and felt not so great...weird huh? Anyways, I am super excited for you! I will post my pics and tell you about our trip when we get back. I'm sure you guys will have a blast!!!!!!!!!!!