Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Gracie Short

Gracie had lovely long hair, but unfortunately, was longer in the back than anywhere else. Due to the "mullet" like appearance when left down, we decided to take her in and get her first haircut. Alex's Aunt Emily cut her and then trimmed up Lillie's hair, who decided she wanted her hair left long. Here are a few pictures of Gracie's 1st haircut.
Before we got started.

After the cut, the bangs are a bit short, but that is probably because i usually trim those and I am definitely not a beautician.

Yesterday I looked over to see Gracie performing a puppet show after lunch. It was so cute! She had found a pig finger puppet. Gracie would hold out her hand, turn her back and then make it sing "this little piggy". I wish I could of gotten video, but she was being quite bashful and I had to sneak just to get a snapshot. :)

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