Thursday, February 18, 2010

Spilt Dog Food

Sometimes we forget that God loves us and takes care of ALL of our needs and he will gently remind us. Yesterday after finishing my much overdue grocery shopping, I caught a bag of dog food on the cart, spilling almost two cups in the parking lot. I was frustrated and grumbled about being clumsy and how it was a waste for me to use a coupon if I was going to spill that much of it. I finished loading the bags and started home.

That is when a song pops into my head - His Eye is on the Sparrow. God takes care of the sparrow, making sure there are trees to build nest in and food to eat. How does the sparrow thank Him - by song. I was able to go grocery shopping because he provided the funds and how did I thank Him - by grumbling about spilling dog food. When in fact I was being used by God to feed the sparrows (okay - blackbirds). Maybe that seems like a silly thought to you, but God uses silly thoughts to get His message across sometimes.

He loves me enough that not only was I able to buy the necessities, but the extras. Sorry for not taking the time to thank You properly for taking care of my family...... Thank You!

God is providing your daily needs - how do you thank Him?

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  1. What a nice reminder for us to take another look at each situation before we let our feelings get the better of us. Praise God for friends who share how He touches their lives!