Friday, February 12, 2010

Recap of Our Week ...

Monday - Lillie felt much better and I took her to a Christian Ballet. Our church bought tickets for the girls in the flag/dance ministry, so I purchased one for myself and accompanied her on the trip. I had a nice night out with her. When we got home, Alex asked about the ballet and she goes, "I got to ride the church bus and it was really bumpy." To be honest, I believe she enjoyed the bus ride more than the ballet. She has asked to ride the bus since she was old enough to form a sentence. :)

Tuesday - I woke up with Gracie at 4am. She started running a fever and for most of the day ran a constant temp of 102. She was extremely fussy and needed to be held for the most part by Mommy. Since Lillie had been to the doctor a few days prior, the doctor just called in an antibiotic. I slept with her on the air mattress that night, which included 3 1/2 hours of talking starting at midnight. I could tell she was feeling better, but really wished she was asleep.

Wednesday - Both girls were somewhat back to normal. Nothing really exciting happened. Oh, I did clean out our linen closet and if I do say so myself, I did a fine job! :o)

Thursday - I had a rough day. I was tired, hurting, and just didn't feel well. After several weeks of Gracie not sleeping well (yes that is weeks - not sure what is going on with that) and then I had spent the last several nights in her room on the floor part of the night - I was sore. My head hurt and body ached, it must be that age thing. But my little ones were troopers and dealt well with my cranky-ness. Before bed, I did make sure to go to them and apologize for being moody. Just because I don't feel well, doesn't give me the right to be grouchy, they were just being children.

Friday - Well, that is today. I got quite a bit of sleep last night - I went to bed at 8pm and only had to get up a couple of times with Gracie. I am planning on being in a much better mood and spending the day catching up on cleaning and playing with the girls. If I get motivated, I might just shovel some of the drive way. I really need to go grocery shopping and won't be able to get out too well with the HUGE drift in front of my side of the driveway.

Saturday - Unless cancelled, I am going to try and make it to my nephew's ball game and then spend the day with my family.

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