Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bible Lessons as told by Lillie

The Wise Men

The girls were playing church and Gracie had just told a story about David and Goliath. Lillie decided to talk about the wise men and the baby Jesus.

Lillie to Gracie - The men brought grownup presents to the baby Jesus. Baby Jesus didn't have money to go back to where he was from and the wise men wanted to give him stuff. I don't know why they brought boring presents to a baby, but (dramatic pause and a "what were they thinking" look) they did.


Lillie - You know what, Gracie? When we get to heaven Casey (our dog before Tallie) will be waiting for us. That's right, God has us a home already waiting for us and Casey is there too.

Gracie - How about Tallie?

Lillie - Well, if she dies before us, she 'll be waiting for us too, but right know it is just Casey and God.

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