Friday, April 3, 2009

This has been a fairly quiet week. SONY had the Easter Bunny visit Wednesday and we took the girls. It was quite a trip, but not as bad as Santa. Lillie actually stood by the bunny and I held (or maybe I should say pushed) Gracie next to her. We didn't bring our camera so I will post the picture of them when we get them back from SONY. Lillie had her Easter party and egg hunt at preschool yesterday. Gracie and I went to breakfast and then came back to help hide the eggs. Gracie has decided that it is her preschool too and as soon as we go in the building will walk right into class and sit with the others for craft and lessons. It is cute to watch. Ms. Bobbi had made Gracie a basket and made enough eggs for her to help find them. Both girls found a lot of eggs and had a blast.

Thursdays must be the official nap day for Lillie. I wish she would take a nap more often, but we have found that if she napped during the day, no matter how early, she was up half the night. Alex and I would rather deal with a cranky child in the evening than be up at midnight with her. Last week it was the ottoman, this week the computer chair. She was sharpening her pencil and all of a sudden got really quiet. I looked back at her and she was out with pencil shavings all over her lap. After taking a couple of pictures I moved her to her bed. She was a much happier child last night.

While Lillie was napping, I was straightening up my bedroom and looked over to see Gracie using her toes to pick up a pencil. It is a "talent" that both girls have gotten from me, the ability to do odd things with our toes.
I couldn't resist posting this picture of Lillie reading to Gracie. I actually had a video, but you couldn't hear Lillie reading. She has the Dr Seuss book, One Fish Two Fish and is "reading" it pretty accurately to Gracie. It has been one of Lillie's favorite books and with many times I have read it to her, she can recite most of the pages or at least put them in her own words.

Hope you have a blessed weekend.

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  1. We finally gave up on naptime with Aidan for exactly the same's just not worth staying up and we would rather deal with a little crankiness. He usually goes to bed around 7:30 or 8 without a problem :)