Monday, April 6, 2009

Sarah's Toddler

I decided that since we have little to do this week, I am going to try and get Gracie potty trained. She has been working on it herself for a couple months and doing really good. There are days that we don't have a wet diaper until evening, but there are days that she is too into the toys to go. With Lillie we did used a timer and when it went off we would drop what we were doing and run to the potty. It only took a couple of days before Lillie was using the potty and into pull-ups or panties (depending on where we were going). What was so cute was that when the timer would go off and I was cooking dinner, she would ask if that was the pee beep or the dinner beep. Anyways, I have the timer going and the focus on. I just hope that my toddler doesn't turn into a Pavlov dog!
I was blessed this weekend to hear Lillie telling Gracie the Resurrection story. My mom had gotten the girls Easter magnets and Lillie used these as illustrations. I love that my girls know that Easter is not just about bunnies, eggs, and candy (although tasty), but about Jesus.
I also got to sit thru a whole service last night with getting called to the nursery. Yay!!!


  1. Good luck! It must be a good time of year for that. Chris has next week off so he can help with the baby and potty training so hopefully we can be all done after that. Scott only took a couple of days once we got serious with it so I'm optimistic that Anna will be easy also. We've been building her up for it.

  2. Wasn't it great? I actually got to sit through a whole service too! : ) Good luck with the potty training!