Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Our family had a great Easter Sunday. Alex and I took the girls to the sunrise service at our church and stayed for breakfast and the egg hunt. The girls had fun looking for the eggs. The girls were in different age categories this year, so I was not able to watch both. I was with Gracie and she would walk past 10 eggs to get to the one she wanted. It was cute. Alex said that Lillie jumped right in and she too got a basket full of eggs. I took a picture before service of the girls in their Easter dresses, but my girls were wound up (it was only 6:30 am too) and being goofy. They are still cute in my opinion. :)
The Easter story recipe turned out pretty neat. The girls helped with each step and Alex would read the corresponding scripture. I think that this is going to become more of a Easter tradition for our family. I personally didn't like the cookies when they were done, because I thought they were too sweet. Alex and the girls seemed to like them.
We also colored eggs Saturday, and that too was fun. Gracie would not cooperate with pictures and close her eyes or make goofy faces the whole time. It was funny though. Lillie was the same, but I did a good one of her working.

We visited family after church and had a nice time. The girls were exhausted by the time we got home for the night and went fast asleep.

I thought I would share one last thing, but it is not about Easter. The other day Lillie came to the computer and complained about a bellyache. Before either Alex or I could do anything (she usually asks us to pray for her) Gracie jumped up, laid her hands on Lillie and started praying. Can things get much better than that?!

Have a wonderful day!

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