Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Trauma

As I had posted earlier, the girls got to see the Easter bunny as Alex's work. It was definitely not a pleasant memory for Gracie. As you can see she had to be forced to stand next to Lillie. Although as soon as she was picked up, she would talk and wave to the bunny. Lillie was not too thrilled about the bunny, but toughed it out for a picture this year. Have a great Easter!


  1. Oh, my! We have never actually taken Aidan to see the Easter bunny and last year was the first time we took him to see Santa. Our Wal-mart Santa didn't talk to the just plop them on his lap, take a picture, then leave so Aidan left very disappointed. Coming up with his own explanation he said the Wal-mart Santa must be shy. We did however take him to see another Santa, but he was still baffled by the Wal-mart Santa. After this experience I'm not sure we'll ever take him to see the Easter bunny.......Oh, well....I'm sure the girls will enjoy this picture when they're older! Hope you have a good one!