Saturday, December 20, 2008

Today I have actually finished all shopping I plan on doing before Christmas. Although the girls were done for several days, I still needed to get Alex a few more things. Unfortunately for my pocket book that also meant picking up more little items for the girls. It is so hard not to keep buying for them. They are so appreciative when the get something and I love making them happy. Gracie and I made noodles yesterday. I will have to post a picture on here of her. She got flour all over her face. At the same time Lillie and Alex were making a fort in her room that included our portable DVD player. She laid in there and rested and watched movies most of the day. She even fell asleep in there last night.

Gracie is 100% better, but Lillie is still a little under the weather. She is acting more like herself, but just tired. She has ran a low-grade fever for a few days, but I am claiming her healed. I don't want her to miss service tomorrow, or be sick on Christmas. I told Alex, that the only benefit to the girls being sick now, is that they may not be sick on Christmas.

On a non-Christmas note, Gracie has been using the potty. I am pretty excited since I am really not encouraging her. She will come up to me and say she has to pee and then go to the bathroom door. She will go sometimes in the potty, and other times she goes right after put a clean diaper back on her. She also brings me a diaper and lays down when she is wet or dirty. If I could get Alex to remember to take the actually potty chair seat out of the attic it would a bit easier. She is not afraid of the big potty though. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will be potty trained fast.


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  1. Wow! That's awesome about Gracie! I hope it is easy for you!! Honestly, I'm not even ready to start thinking about it!!! aaaah!