Sunday, December 21, 2008

Home Sick

This morning Lillie woke up and told Alex she still didn't feel well and wanted to stay home all day. This is a pretty rare occurance. She doesn't seem to be running a fever this morning, but she is still pretty congested. So, I am doing morning service duty and Alex will take the evening service. Lillie does love watching church on the computer and that is actually what we are waiting for.

Alex wanted me to make sure and report that he took the potty chair out of the attic.



  1. missed lillie in class today we combined them for the next 2 weeks but i did give alex your lesson for the first sunday in janaury thanks hope lillie is feeling better my kids weren't feeling well either so that is what we did jimmy went to 8 am service and i did the 10 and then i'll go to the evening ones! talk to you later i can't believe only 3 more days!!!

  2. Hi Sarah first of all hope Lillie is feeling better. Its never fun when the little ones are sick. We had the flu bug run through our home last week not fun at all. Secondly welcome to blogging. If I had your email address I would add you as a reader to my blog. So if you want to read it send me your email address and I will be happy to add you. Its another great way to see how friends are doing.
    here is my email address: