Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Prep

The girls and have been busy preparing for Christmas. Lillie and I have been spending Gracie's naptime wrapping presents and that is fun for me. She loves wrapping and made the comment yesterday that we have to wrap presents during naptime because it is a new rule.

Gracie and I made noodles several days ago and froze them for our family Christmas dinner. I promised a picture:

The girls and I spent yesterday afternoon making cookies and banana bread muffins. Lillie made sure we hid a couple of cookies for Santa because she didn't want Daddy to eat them all. :)

Lillie had her christmas program at preschool last week and I want to post a picture of her and her friend Josiah. (The picture is not really very good. The lighting was not the best for pictures and they turned out really dark. I tried to fix it, but in the process made the eyes a bit creepy.) She did a great job getting up on stage and singing. She keeps telling Alex and me that she is going to marry Josiah. I heard her tell Gracie one day that she wanted to marry Josiah, but they were too young. Josiah's mom said that he came home from preschool and told her that they were getting married too. It is actually really cute, but I try not too encourage it too much, I don't want her already thinking about boys as anything but friends.

I will try to post again before Christmas, but if I don't I want to wish everyone a Merry, Merry Christmas.


  1. I love the picture of gracie with the noodles we did the same thing yesterday making cookies it's fun to get the kids involved with preparing for Christmas. Thats cute about Josiah and Lillie! My boys do the same thing but they would never tell anyone but mom who they were going to marry! It's fun and cute right now but like you said boys are only friends in my case girls are only friends

  2. That is so cute that they want to marry each other...it'd be so funny if it actually happened someday!