Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Poor Babies

My poor girls. Gracie has been congested the past couple of days and was having a lot of trouble sleeping last night. So, being the mom I am, too tired to keep getting up, I put her in bed with me. About an hour later she woke up vomiting, yes in my bed. As gross as that is, she was really upset because this is the first time she has actually vomited. She has only gotten sick once more about an hour after that. She acts pretty normal now, so I am pretty sure it was just all the drainage through the night.

Lillie didn't act like she felt real great this morning, but we went on to school because this was her Christmas party. She had a lot fun and so did I (this was my day to help). When we got home I gave her some medicine to help her congestion and of course, it is gross tasting, and she puked it right back out, on me. Bless her heart. I did feel bad because I know it is gross, but she normally takes it without a problem. Both are now at the table eating ice pops and getting along.

I do want to say I have my Christmas shopping finished for my girls and I think for all except Alex. He may not get finished until after Christmas, because I hate shopping this close to Christmas. I do have to finish sewing on the patches and embroidery work on Gracie's beanbag chair. Both girls are getting chairs with their names and patches of their favorite characters sewn on.

Well, the ice pops are melting and my kitchen timer is beeping.


  1. Aw, poor babies...and POOR mommy! Ellie has been a little fussy and congested this week too. Must be in the air! Hope your weekend gets better! At least the hubbies are home! (Is that a good thing? lol!)

  2. The poor little angels. We (Gretchen and I) hope they are feeling much better, now. The pictures are adorable. Tell them we are really excited about getting to see them at Aunt Carla's on Christmas Eve.
    Love you and see you then,

  3. Yuck, everyone is dealing with sicknesses right now! Hope they get better soon!