Monday, December 29, 2008


We had a great Christmas and hope everyone else had one too. The girls are at the ages that they are so much fun to watch. I remember the anticipation and excitement I had as a child, but nothing compares to the excitement I had waiting for my girls to get up and open presents. They seemed to enjoy every part, until the last present was opened.

We started our Christmas celebration off Christmas Eve at my sisters house where we received presents from my Granny Beard. Lillie was so patient waiting for her present. My uncle passes out the gifts and tries to be sure the little ones receive theirs first, but he couldn't find hers right away. She did so good waiting, but right before it was found, her bottom lip started to quiver.

She was happy to receive a barbie princess toy and book though.

Gracie was caught wearing the Bah Humbug Santa cap.

We got up Christmas morning and opened our presents. I unfortunately do not have pictures of the process because I video taped it instead and forgot to do still shots. Afterwards we went to Alex's aunt and uncle's house for lunch. The girls got some very cool stuff, including a Barbie jet. That evening I fixed a Christmas supper. That is a new tradition I started last year and hope to continue through the years.

Just how much tape does this present have!!

We got up Friday morning and celebrated at my parents. The girls of course received more fun stuff. We also got to spend some time visiting with my brother and his wife who were up from Kentucky, for a few hours. It was alright (Just Joking if you are reading this - we had a great time).

Lillie with her Christmas loot!

Gracie and her Christmas loot!

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