Friday, September 24, 2010

Playing Opossum

Thought I would share a funny story from this morning.

About 4am Alex and I woke up to the dog barking like crazy. Alex got up to go see what was going on and he found two little eyes peering from behind two old sections of fence that was propped up on the existing fence. So, of course we knew unless that thing left our fence the dog would continue barking causing us to not get anymore sleep nor anyone else in the surrounding houses. Alex got the bebe gun out and shot at it a couple of times, it moved and since it was dark he assumed it left the yard.

However, a few minutes later Tallie started barking again. This time I got up to see what was going on. Alex took a flashlight and broom out to knock over the fence and make sure it was either dead or gone. I laughed as he ran for his life, just in case whatever it was came after him. Well, it was a opossum (but not dead yet, Ryan), a big opossum! Alex told me to watch it as he changed out the bebes for pellets. Of course, I did watch......from a far off distance! He came back out and just in time to watch it start going down our fence line, around the back fence and then towards the house on the other side of the yard. Tallie of course barking and trying to catch it.

At the point it turned towards the house, I ran in because opossums are feisty creatures, I am not wanting to get too close to it. Alex shot at it and then it went under our porch (I know, ugh!). Tallie continued to chase it all the way into her doghouse!!!!! Alex had to shoot it a couple of more times and finally finish it off with a shovel. It was tough thing!!

Anyways, I am sure we were a sight for anyone watching us and because Alex had to go to work, all he did was throw it over our fence so the dog wouldn't play with it. He will take care of it when he gets home.

I am thinking that it may make a great present for my little brother who is quite fond of the rat-like creatures. Better yet, does anyone want to come over for dinner tonight? ;o)


  1. SO GROSS!!!! And, thanks for the dinner invite...but I think I will pass! :P

  2. Ewwww! That is so creepy looking!