Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Birthdays and Teas

It's been awhile since my last post with a lot of happenings. I want to thank all who have been praying for my uncle during his open heart surgery. Everything went well and he is on his way to a great recovery. I had the opportunity to watch my cousins little girl Addy on Friday during his surgery. She was absolutely a doll. Lillie told me several times that she was big enough and she would watch Addy and Gracie. She even told me to go ahead a do whatever cleaning I wanted (who really wants to clean) to do and she would take over for me. The three girls read, played Barbies and blocks without any bickering! When Addy's mom came to get her, she actually cried because she had to leave. I am just glad she enjoyed her day with us.
We had Lillie's fourth birthday party on Saturday. It was a Princess Aurora party. She would not leave the cake until it was present time. I do feel a little bad because I figured out yesterday that the figurine of Aurora and Prince Philip actually spins when you wind it up. She received a lot of great presents and we got her a Princess bike (which I realize that although we have video of her on it, we have not still shots). A couple of the dresses are too small and when I mentioned about exchanging them for a size bigger Lillie got upset. She told me that they were her special bday presents and she did not want to take them back just because I didn't like them. I told her that I did like them, but if they were too small we needed to get the right size otherwise she would not get to wear them after all. Overall she had a great birthday with way too much candy as she tossed and turned for an extra long time in bed!
I did have a picture of Gracie on Lillie's new bike!
Sunday was Lillie's actually birthday and after church she picked to go to McDonald's for lunch. We also made brownies for her Sunday School class. I really can't believe how time flies. It seems like only yesterday Alex and I were new parents bringing home our baby girl and now she is four! Everyone always say that enjoy them while they are little because they grow up too fast and how true that is.
My church had a mother/daughter tea Monday night. Sister Karen had asked me and my mom to speak a little and I was extremely nervous. I do believe everything went well. I did survive! A lady even came up to my mom afterwards and asked if she would pray with her for her daughter. That is what it is all about ministering to other moms and daughters!
Well, I have wrote an awful lot and you may have already gotten bored so I will let you take a break. Have a great day.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Lillie! I remember sitting pregnant together at our childbirth class.....time does fly!