Saturday, June 18, 2011


Gracie came to my bed this morning around 5am and as she squirmed her way in, both Alex and I realized that she was burning up. So I took her temperature, gave her Motrin, and then we prayed for her.

Alex then went to check the air, during which I heard her praying, but couldn't understand all, just "in Jesus' name, amen".

Then she turns to me, and asked if we could get up. I told her no, it was too early. Her reply was, "well, it is okay, because I prayed that you wouldn't be cranky this morning." lol

I told her thanks, but it was still too early. She did go back to sleep after lots of cuddling, loving, and giggling. She also seems to be feeling a little better this morning with just a cough.

I guess she does listen when I tell her that if I don't get to sleep that I will be cranky in the morning. Or maybe I have been too cranky the past few days due to lack of sleep.....

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  1. Aw that stinks that she is sick! But, at least she maintained her sense of humor! lol