Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our Disney Cost

We made it to and from Disney with no problems and we had a blast. I think that I will post a little about our budget/cost today and then pictures and more in a few days.

We booked our trip thru the Disney Site. Our trip included 5 days, 6 nights plus the quick service meal plan.

We stayed at the All-Star Music Resort in Disney making traveling to and from the park a breeze - we rode the Disney buses.

The total of the above was $1693.74 plus because we booked before march 27th, we got a $300 Disney gift card upon arrival. While at Disney, we spent less than $70 out of pocket!!!

I recommend the dining plan to whoever is going, it saves time and is pretty reasonable. Our dining plan allowed for 2 meals and 2 snacks per day per person. Since Gracie was under 3, she didn't count for this, but they give you so much food that she shared off everyone's plate happily (she is quite the mooch anyhow). If we would have purchased our meals, the bill would have been around $35 - two meals a day = $70 a day. Snacks could of easily cost us $20 a day. We brought stuff for breakfast and also used some of our snacks for breakfast items. I know you could bring your own food, but that means one more thing to prepare and think about when you are trying to have fun and relax. I, personally like the convenience of the dining plan.

We used our gift card to buy souvenirs for each of us. We each got at least one shirt (Alex and I got 2) and we also got a beach towel and 2 mugs. The girls got ears, necklaces, and stuffed animals, puzzles, and several other trinkets that they wanted. ALL purchased thru the gift card. The girls also got to pick out a toy from Grandma and Grandpa - who gave them each some money before we left. I would not have normally let the girls get so much, but since it was not out of my pocket, it didn't bother me. (All this doesn't include what Alex's aunt and uncle got them for their bdays)

Overall, after factoring in gas, hotels on the way to and from, meals when we were traveling, and misc items needed our total out of pocket cost would have been just over .................$2100.00 !!!


  1. So glad that you had a nice trip and had safe travels!

    We are planning another Disney trip in September. They are offering free dining during that time. Love the dining plan, and I am another who highly recommends it! I was going to ask you, Sarah, where did you guys stop and stay on the drive to and from, and how did you feel about the buses from the Disney hotel you were in? Did you have to wait long or were they crowded? We stayed at Carribbean Beach las year, and the buses were great. Just curious as to your experience.

  2. We stayed at Valdosta, GA on the way there. It was only a little over 3 hrs from Disney and just over 12 hours from Terre Haute. On the way home we stayed at Marietta, GA. It was about an hour north of Atlanta. I loved the buses at Disney! It was easy and our drivers were super nice and helpful. Gracie really loved the buses, she hadn't really rode on one before so she thought it was too cool. I saw that about the free dining planning in the fall. That is a great deal. I don't understand why someone wouldn't do the dining plan! It is really reasonable and VERY convenient. We are already saving our next trip in a couple of years.